Custom Interactive Software for Your Sales Center

Billions of dollars of real estate sold using Aeon Virtual technology.



We custom build interactive software for sales office touchscreens and iPads. Since 2009, our technologies have helped real estate agents sell units in New York City, throughout North America, and internationally.

  • An interactive 3D virtual model of your building and surroundings.
  • All your project marketing materials in one place: floor plans, renderings, amenities, neighborhood map, view photography, and more.
  • Our Sales Appointment Follow-Up feature sends a personalized website to your buyers after each visit.
  • With an iPad, your sales agents can interactively light up your physical model.
  • An all-in-one, user-friendly touchscreen solution for your sales team.

Check back with us often to see what our development team has in the works:

Help your agents sell faster

Interactive virtual model

Fly around your project in any direction. Show your building and surroundings in Real-Time Virtual Reality.

Runs on touchscreens, iPads, & smartphones

Flexibility in and out of your sales office.

Everything on one screen

Floorplans, Views, Neighborhood Map, Amenities, Interiors, Images, Videos, and More.

3D floorplans & walkthroughs

Explore your interior spaces in real time.

Sales appointment follow-up

After their visit, your clients receive a personalized website in their inbox, showing the floorplans and views they favorited.

Interactive surrounding city

Explore the area around your project in real time.

Light up & control your scale model

Light your physical model interactively using a touchscreen or iPad.

Augmented reality & VR headsets

Let your buyers immerse themselves in your project.

Views from each unit

Show your buyers exact views from their favorite units.

Different real estate markets

Projects of all types and sizes: residential towers, mid-rise multifamily, single-family homes, commercial developments.

Sun Slider

Slide your finger on the screen to move the sun across the sky, from sunrise to sunset.

Dynamic condo search filters

Help your buyers quickly find their perfect fit. Can be fully integrated with your inventory database.

iOS & Android apps

Let your clients explore your project on their phones with a custom-built app.

Finishes Selector

Let your buyers quickly select their favorite finishes.

Each feature is fully customizable

  • Your touchscreen and iPad software are custom-built to fit the needs of your project and branded to match your marketing.

Full branding integration

  • Send us your project branding. The software becomes a seamless extension of your sales office.

Continuous software updates

  • Always have the latest features and tech.

Seamless third-party integration

  • Enter your residences’ pricing and sales status only once. Your interactive software will update instantly.

Real estate developers have asked us to build many unique interactive features to help sell their projects. Contact us to schedule a face-to-face meeting or live web presentation. Until then, check out some of our features below:

Sales Appointment Follow-Up

During the sales appointment, your buyers can tell the agent which units they like best. These can be “favorited” in the interactive software.

After their visit, your clients will receive a personalized website in their inbox, showing:

  • the floorplans of the residences they “liked”
  • the view photography of the units they “liked”
  • corresponding interior renderings
  • general project information
  • a personalized message from the sales team

Simplified Software

Some clients opt for a clean, simple, and cost-effective interactive software without virtual reality: no 3D model of their building, no surrounding city, no walkthroughs.

Showcase your floorplans, view photos, renderings, videos, and other marketing assets on a fully-branded iPad or touchscreen application.



  • Unique views from each residence. Send us your view photography. Your buyers can see the view from their desired unit.
  • Select panoramas. If you feel that less is more, show a few select shots from the roof or specific floors instead of views from each unit.
  • Day/night fader. With day and dusk shots taken from the same location, your agents can transition smoothly from one to the other.
  • Virtual views using our 3D model. If photography is not possible for your building, “virtual” views can be generated from the 3D model we create for you.


Your residences and amenities can be shown in a number of ways:

  • Static renderings
  • Spin Views, i.e. interactive 360-degree “bubble” renderings
  • Real-Time Virtual Reality: fully-furnished or unfurnished
  • Walkthroughs that can be experienced with a VR headset such as Gear VR or Oculus Rift

Interactive Floorplan

For a simple and cost-effective way to experience your floorplans, we take your 2D marketing plan and add walls in 3D, giving the feeling you are actually walking through a life-sized floorplan.

For added impact, we can add your panoramic views outside the windows.

Finishes Selector

Give your buyers the ability to choose between finishes packages. Sliding your finger across the screen switches from one option to the next.

Mix and match finishes. Touching individual surfaces, such as a countertop or backsplash, can change that finish only.

Throwing Content onto Different Screens

With an iPad, your sales agent can give the appearance of “throwing” a floorplan, view, or other information onto different screens.

For example, on two screens your sales agent can show:

  • a floorplan and corresponding view
  • a floorplan and corresponding rendering
  • two different floorplans
  • two different views
  • etc.

Sun Slider

While looking at the virtual model of your building and surroundings, slide your finger down the screen to move the sun from one end of the sky to the other. Building shadows move as well.

Transition from sunrise to sunset — or to full nighttime. The buildings light up, the moon and stars appear in the sky, and effects like moving traffic can be added.

City Styles

If you would like us to create an interactive 3D model of your project, there are several options for the surrounding area:

  • No city: Some clients opt simply to show their building, with nothing around it.
  • Massing models: The neighborhood is created with simple white massing models. Green spaces and bodies of water appear in color.
  • Realistic: The surrounding area is created in color, using satellite imagery. Send us your 360-degree drone photography for a realistic skyline.
  • Branded city styles: Some clients requested special styles or moods for the areas around their projects. For example, one client requested the neighborhood be based on a famous artist’s drawings. Another wanted transparent buildings with flying blue lines in the sky.
  • Special requests: Clients sometimes approach us with fun ideas. In one project, the city “lifted off” to reveal a map of the subway system. In another, the client asked for a thunderstorm to roll in at the touch of a button!

Augmented Reality

& VR Headsets

For added interactivity, let your potential clients experience your project in immersive virtual reality with headsets such as Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and HTC Vive.

Or enhance your sales or leasing office experience with augmented reality through HoloLens, iPad, or similar.