Other Industries

Aeon Virtual’s technologies increasingly go beyond real estate into other industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Luxury Passenger Rail
  • Honeywell
  • Interactive Virtual Showroom
  • Retail – 3D Shopping
  • 3D Product Design

Here are a few examples.



Cyclone is a leading manufacturer of parts for the aerospace industry, with clients such as Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Boeing, and Airbus. They approached us with an issue: their existing clients were not aware of the many different parts they manufacture. Cyclone asked us to create a 3DVR iPad app that would help their sales agents during face-to-face meetings with their clients.

We designed and created an iPad application their sales agents can use to showcase the different families of parts they create, using interactive 3D models of commercial and business aircraft that become transparent with the touch of a button, exposing select parts within the aircraft. Those parts can then be isolated and examined in real-time 3D.

Interactive Jet

This 3D jet experience for touchscreens was created to show how newly-renovated, aftermarket aircraft interiors can be presented interactively to potential buyers of slightly-used private jets. Such a software could be used in a designated sales center or on a portable iPad.

Luxury Rail

Via Rail Canada

Via Rail is a Corporation of the Government of Canada, supplying passenger rail across the country.

Their marketing team was developing a new luxury passenger train. Like a cruise ship on rails, over 7 days the train would take passengers from Toronto, across the Canadian Prairies, to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. Their marketing team faced a challenge: how to give their customers a taste of this new luxury experience during presentations at trade shows.

Their VP of marketing saw Aeon Virtual’s technology while shopping for a condo and reached out to us: “The agent was showing me condos using your virtual reality, and I had to stop the presentation to ask ‘Wait, who built this software? We could use this for our new rail line!’”

Soon after, we began building an interactive 3D software for Via Rail, which lets their potential customers interact with some of the visual delights of the train interiors, as well as the amazing panorama views of their 7-day luxury train adventure. Via Rail uses our touchscreen software to sell thousands of seats to wholesale vacation buyers during monthly trade show events.

3D Product Presentations


Honeywell manufactures a wide array of products, used in diverse areas such as aerospace, real estate, industrial, oil & gas, performance materials, and safety. Imagine the difficulty of shipping hundreds of these different products to multiple trade shows and conventions each year. Honeywell asked Aeon Virtual to show how their products could be presented at trade shows using 3D virtual reality on iPads and touchscreens.

Interactive Retail - 3D Shopping

How can online shopping become more immersive? Here we see how browsing clothing or footwear using our real-time 3D virtual reality can engage shoppers more deeply.

Interactive Virtual Showroom

Buyers can interact with luxury items using our 3D interactive virtual reality. This video shows how products from cars to watches can be showcased in a virtual showroom.

3D Product Design: Q-Tip Box

MNA Creative

Marketing firm MNA Creative was working with Unilever to come up with different potential designs for a new Q-Tip box. MNA Creative worked with Aeon Virtual to create one of the Q-Tip prototypes in 3D virtual reality. This way the design could be evaluated interactively without the delays of having a real prototype made.