ICONE Interactive Showroom by AeonVirtual Inc.

"This project was done for Metropolitan parking.

We created the Icone building in real time VR for them and added a search feature to it. It is now possible to select a condo on price, square footage, floor and side (for example west or north side). When selecting a condo you can see the exact view of the condo and see every angle. In the menu you can go and check out images of the interior and exterior of the building as well.

You can view the building from angle desirable We installed two touch screens in the sales office of Icone, one touch screen table that is connected to a wall projection and the other touch screen is attached to a wall. Also two computers at the sales office have our software installed. "

The Aura Tower - Canada's Tallest Residential

The Aura tower in downtown Toronto is the tallest residential tower either in Canada or in North America.

It started at 75 stories, and now it's increasing to 78 stories. They wanted the top floor penthouses to be created in virtual reality.

The top floor penthouse, when it is completed, are going to be the largest penthouse in Canada, and one of the most expensive, and it will definitely be the highest penthouse in Canada.

We created both exterior and interior of the Aura tower in real time VR. We also created renders for them and installed a touch screen in their showroom.

Nuns' island, Le Solano and the Mauritania

This video contains 3 demos

Nuns' island: VR makes it possible to view the island from any angle. You can see the roads, buildings and houses. There is one building on the island on which you can click. When clicking on it, it zooms in and makes it possible to spin around the building. One other click on the building brings you back to the complete overview of the island.

Solano: This is a residential condominium project created for a Montreal developer. It has an improved condo search system, you can now also see the floor plan of the condo next to the one picked. This software is interactive interface enabled by touch screen.

Mauritania:This is a virtual city that we have created for the Saudi developer Tanmiyat. 8 square kilometer city outside the capital of Mauritania. We created more than 4000 buildings...